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AIRVET Training materials available

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Probably the main and most popular results of AIRVET are the training resources. The consortium developed 4 Training Curricula/Programmes under the theme of Human Factors, as well as 9 e-learning lessons structured in 3 Learning Objectswhich can be used as “self-standing” training materials and as support materials to cover specific themes of the four Human Factors curricula defined. A Users Guide complements the e-Learning lessons.

The curricula and e-Learning lessons have been demonstrated and validated by a range of key personnel working within the vocational and educational training arena in the EU aeronautical sector. All materials are available free of charge in several languages: English, Italian, French, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. Visit our section “training resources” (link to section) to know more.

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AIRVET project concluded!

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The AIRVET project with the co-funding of the European Commission ended in October 2015. During 2 years, the ten partners who integrate the AIRVET consortium worked together to give a contribution for the improvement of the training offer in the Aeronautics field. Although the project is formally concluded, the partners who form the AIRVET Alliance will maintain collaboration and the materials generated by the project will remain available for all those interested.

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Save the Date: 29th of September 2015

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The AIRVET Final Conference will be held on the 29th of September of 2015 in Toulouse, one of the key European centers for the Aeronautic Industry.

The Conference Hall at the University Paul Sabatier (IRIT) will be the perfect venue for presenting the results achieved by this European initiative, especially the successful results of the Pilot Sessions. The AIRVET Final Conference will take place just before the “5th International Conference on Application and Theory of Automation in Command and Control Systems”. For further information about these events, please go here.

So save this date in your agenda! We look forward to seeing you in Toulouse!

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AIRVET Final Conference! Register now!

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Registration is now open for the AIRVET Final Project Conference, taking place on the 29th of September 2015 at 4pm in Toulouse. The event will take place at the University Paul Sabatier (IRIT) just before the “5th International Conference on Application and Theory of Automation in Command and Control Systems” (ATACCS), bringing more than 250 players from the aeronautic industry.

The main topic of the conference will be “Careers, Skills and Human Factors in the aerospace sector – trends and challenges”, and it will showcase the results achieved by the AIRVET project and include 3 key-note speeches with representatives of AIRBUS and Boeing Research & Technology Europe, gravitating around the following important topics:

  • Human resources in the Aerospace sector: diversity of jobs and skills required in this global competitive sector;
  • Trends and skills: main priorities for the sector in the next years and how does this influence the preparation of the human resources.
  • Human Factors in the Aerospace sector: the importance of Human Factors in all aerospace jobs.

The conference will start at 4pm with a presentation and keynote speech for students (especially university students) and will be followed by a session (from 5.45 pm) of “Industry Talks” with keynote speeches from representatives of Airbus and Boeing Research & Technology Europe to industry representatives and university teachers. The event will end at 7.30pm with a cocktail.

Participation in the conference is free of charge, but with limited number of places. For more details about the conference programme and venue, please follow this link.

Register now. We look forward to seeing you in Toulouse!

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Don’t miss the Aeronautics’ Day!

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The High School Sebastião da Gama, in Setúbal (Portugal), has the pleasure to invite you to the Aeronautics’ Day, on the 9th of April, starting at 9.30 am.

This event will start with an interactive lecture about aeronautics followed by other initiatives concerning the topic. In order to promote the interest of young people about the topic, the Aeronautics’ Day, being held under the AIRVET project, also promotes what is intended by the European Commission, until 2020: the growth of the aeronautics industry to improve the European economy and social inclusion. This event brings together actors with complementary expertise from the 3 fields addressed by the AIRVET project: aeronautic industry and labour market, VET providers and bodies involved in Education and Training.

Check out the agenda:

09h30- Reception of IPS (Auditorium 2) | Prof. Pedro Dominguinhos (President of IPS) / Ms. Ana Ribeiro (Inova+)
09h45- Interactive lecture about Aeronautics (Auditorium 2) | Prof. Nuno Nunes/ Prof. Ricardo Cláudio
10h45- Break time
11h00- Visit to the building:
-Flight Simulator (E211) | Prof. Nuno Nunes
-Mechanics Laboratory/Materials (E122) | Prof. Paulo Moita
-Center of Machining CNC (C-206)| Prof. Carlos Fortes

11h30- Construction of a model airplane by teams (E-212)|Prof. Nuno Nunes
-Presentation Of the goal and possible materials to be used (5m)
-Generation of ideas (15m)
-Choose of the project (5m)
-Distribution of tasks(5m)
-Project execution (60m)

13h00- Lunch (Refectory of ESTSetúbal) + Flight Simulator in open room scheme (E211)
14h15- Lecture about Careers in Aeronautics Sector – AIRVET Project (Auditório 2) | Ms. Carlos Maio (Quasar)
15h00- Visit to the factory of aeronautical components LAUAK
(duration of the visit: 1 hour, 3 groups with a 10 minutes break)
16h20- Break time
16h30- Competition of model aircraft produced by the teams (Local to designate)
17h15- Announcement of the results of the competition and awards ceremony
17h30- Closing

You can’t miss this!

«Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle. »

― Igor Sikorsky

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Open Days for Future Workers in the Aeronautic Industry in Italy

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Collegio Universitario ARCES has ithe pleasure to invite you to the Open Days for Future Workers in the Aeronautic Industry, which will take place in Ragusa, Italy on the 25th of March. In detail, this seminar aims at bringing together schools, VET institutions, industry representatives and other stakeholders to discuss the Vocational Education and Training offers for the aeronautic sector, as a pathway to success. This event will also be the perfect opportunity to disseminate jobs within the aeronautic industry, clarify opportunities within the sector and present VET courses as an alternative way of getting a profession.

Participation in the event is free-of-charge but requires registration, due to limited sitting. For information about the programme, please consult here.

Venue: the Aeronautic Technical Institute (Secondary school) ITCA I.T.C.A. “FABIO BESTA” – Via Aldo Moro n. 2 – 97100 – RAGUSA (

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Second issue of AIRVET Newsletter is now available!

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We are pleased to present the second issue of the AIRVET Newsletter, intended to update you on this European Initiative supported by the European Commission. AIRVET aims to be an important milestone for the Vocational Education and Training offer of the Aeronautic sector, through a comprehensive and high-quality set of activities implemented by an Alliance of experts in the field.

You will find the second issue of the AIRVET newsletter here, in the download area.

We welcome your feedback and remain at your disposal for any questions. Happy reading!

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AIRVET Database is now available!

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AIRVET database is now available for consultation at the project website. This comprehensive catalogue includes information about actors involved in the Aeronautics Industry across Europe. The aim of this tool is to provide information about the multiplicity of actors related to the AI and to VET in this field, which can be useful, for example, to identify possible job positions and training available.

You can consult the database by accessing here and should you have any comments or questions about this database, or if you want to include your own organisation in this database, please do not hesitate to contact us. Details are further described here.

We hope this is a useful tool!

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The first AIRVET newsletter is now available for download!

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AIRVET partners are pleased to invite you to read the first issue of the project newsletter

In this issue, we welcome you to this European Initiative supported by the European Commission. We take this opportunity to provide you with the latest details regarding the aims and objectives of this project and to present you the events that will take place in September in several European partner-countries: The AIRVET Focus Groups.

The Newsletter is available in the Download Area completely free-of-charge.

We welcome your feedback and remain at your disposal for any questions.

Happy reading!


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An opportunity of growth for the aeronautic sector

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ARCES – Collegio Universitario di Merito in representation of the AIRVET initiative supported by the European Commission is pleased to invite you to discuss and analyze the current and future (training) needs of the Aeronautic Sector, on the two Focus Groups editions that will take place in Catania (29th of September) and in Palermo (30th of September).

Under the motto “An opportunity of growth for the aeronautic sector”, these events will be the perfect opportunity for all interested stakeholders from the vocational education and training sector and from the aeronautic industry to share their views and considerations regarding the future of aviation, focusing in particular on the present and future workforce skills needed in the aviation sector and adaptation of the workforce supply to the needs of the European aviation sector. The discussions will also open doors to receive, in first-hand, the key conclusions of the AIRVET research results.

Participation is free-of-charge, but with limited number of places. To confirm your attendance, please send us an e-mail to or call 091 346629 (from 9:00 to 13:30).

We look forward to seeing in Catania and Palermo!