AIRVET Territorial Analysis

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AIRVET Territorial Analysis

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The AIRVET Territorial Analysis is an important study conducted by the AIRVET Alliance with the purpose of identifying and analysing the Vocational, Education and Training (VET) offer within the airport and airline industries available in all of the project’s partner countries and within the EU in general. VET is an area that the EU commission has been actively supporting for several years in a variety of projects (EU, 2014).

The aviation industry contains many careers that require a high level of knowledge and practical skills. Many are safety critical. The industry is therefore regulated and the national training that applies to these regulations predominates. Companies exist that provide the training to meet the requirements of the regulations. They operate in a competitive environment and many also provide courses for unregulated careers and for professional development.

This report discusses the training and regulatory frameworks, the training gaps and opportunities for development, especially in the fields of Maintenance and ICT. The methodology undertaken aimed at categorising potential areas of training gaps, curricula that need to be developed or training materials where improvements could be achieved. Efforts have been concerted on the commercial sector rather than on military training needs.

The work carried out to investigate these issues was split into three components: desk study, questionnaire study and focus groups. Activities were carried out in each area to identify current training and skill gaps.

We invite you to read this detailed and important study and we welcome your feedback on the AIRVET Territorial Analysis. Download your free copy here.