Don’t miss the Aeronautics’ Day!

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Don’t miss the Aeronautics’ Day!

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The High School Sebastião da Gama, in Setúbal (Portugal), has the pleasure to invite you to the Aeronautics’ Day, on the 9th of April, starting at 9.30 am.

This event will start with an interactive lecture about aeronautics followed by other initiatives concerning the topic. In order to promote the interest of young people about the topic, the Aeronautics’ Day, being held under the AIRVET project, also promotes what is intended by the European Commission, until 2020: the growth of the aeronautics industry to improve the European economy and social inclusion. This event brings together actors with complementary expertise from the 3 fields addressed by the AIRVET project: aeronautic industry and labour market, VET providers and bodies involved in Education and Training.

Check out the agenda:

09h30- Reception of IPS (Auditorium 2) | Prof. Pedro Dominguinhos (President of IPS) / Ms. Ana Ribeiro (Inova+)
09h45- Interactive lecture about Aeronautics (Auditorium 2) | Prof. Nuno Nunes/ Prof. Ricardo Cláudio
10h45- Break time
11h00- Visit to the building:
-Flight Simulator (E211) | Prof. Nuno Nunes
-Mechanics Laboratory/Materials (E122) | Prof. Paulo Moita
-Center of Machining CNC (C-206)| Prof. Carlos Fortes

11h30- Construction of a model airplane by teams (E-212)|Prof. Nuno Nunes
-Presentation Of the goal and possible materials to be used (5m)
-Generation of ideas (15m)
-Choose of the project (5m)
-Distribution of tasks(5m)
-Project execution (60m)

13h00- Lunch (Refectory of ESTSetúbal) + Flight Simulator in open room scheme (E211)
14h15- Lecture about Careers in Aeronautics Sector – AIRVET Project (Auditório 2) | Ms. Carlos Maio (Quasar)
15h00- Visit to the factory of aeronautical components LAUAK
(duration of the visit: 1 hour, 3 groups with a 10 minutes break)
16h20- Break time
16h30- Competition of model aircraft produced by the teams (Local to designate)
17h15- Announcement of the results of the competition and awards ceremony
17h30- Closing

You can’t miss this!

«Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle. »

― Igor Sikorsky