Open Day for Future Workers of the Aeronautical Industry!

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Open Day for Future Workers of the Aeronautical Industry!

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We are glad to invite you to the Open Day for Future Workers of the Aeronautical Industry, starting tomorrow, in Barcelona, Spain. It will take place in Institut Illa dels Banyols, and it aims to mix the world of vocational education and training offer and the representatives of the aeronautics industry. The main goal is to improve the young consciousness about the job opportunities and how interesting is the future in this sector.

Moreover, this event will also include the presentation of AIRVET project, which aims to promote the tools for vocational and education training offer in the aeronautics industry.

Are you curious?

Take a look at the agenda of the event:

10:00: Welcome by Juan Cañete (Director of Institut Illa dels Banyols)
Presentation of UPM and SAE (by Dámaso Luque and Luis Navarro)

10:10: Presentation of AIRVET project and its goals (by Luis Navarro)

10:30: Intervention of Miguel Ángel Gimeno, Operations Director of Vueling

11:00: Intervention of Jose Luis Gallego, TMA in Air Nostrum

11:30: Intervention of Jaume Assens, Air Traffic Controller and Vice President of APROCTA

12:00: Intervention of an helicopter pilot (waiting for confirmation)

12:30: Questions (by Dámaso Luque)

13:00: Conclusions

Place: Institut Illa dels Banyols
C/ Lo Gaiter de Llobregat, 121. El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona 08820
Tel: 93-370-62-11