Objectives, Results and Beneficiaries

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The AIRVET project aims to design, develop, evaluate and disseminate adapted/new Aeronautic Industry Curricula and VET* courses in the specific fields of Maintenance and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), as these areas are the ones that need a higher number of qualified personnel. In order to achieve this aim, the consortium established the following objectives for the project:

  1. To foster a close, open, informal dialogue and sustained interactions and networking between: VET providers, aeronautic experts and bodies involved in education and training systems;
  2. To improve the knowledge and gather solid evidence from labour market intelligence to identify skills needs within the AI;
  3. To raise awareness of young people about future career paths in aeronautics, foster science education and provide contact with different real work situations in the aeronautic sector;
  4. To review, create and improve the VET curricula and training programmes addressed to the aeronautics industry, in order to better match with actual and future labor market needs;
  5. To contribute to the implementation of innovative ways of delivering VET, with a special focus in the development of multimedia to increase skills and experience with interactive training systems;
  6. To promote the future sustainability and enlargement of the AIRVET sectoral alliance, aiming at reaching a real and spontaneous attachment between the members and attract and engage new members after the end of the project

In AIRVET we want to work TO and WITH our Target Groups


*VET stands for Vocational Education and Training