AIRVET Training Resources

After the identification of training gaps within the sector, the AIRVET consortium developed new training materials around a key skills gap of Human Factors and applied these to three areas within the aeronautical industry: aircraft maintenance, airport operations & airport management and future workers. These application fields naturally aligned with the target audience of the AIRVET project.

Based on this, the consortium developed the following training resources:

–          4 Training Curricula/Programmes under the theme of Human Factors with specific targeted topics to meet the needs of the areas identified.

–          9 e-learning lessons structured in 3 Learning Objectswhich can be used as “self-standing” training materials and as support materials to cover specific themes of the four Human Factors curricula defined. A Users Guide complements the e-Learning lessons.

The curricula and e-Learning lessons have been demonstrated and validated by a range of key personnel working within the vocational and educational training arena in the EU aeronautical sector. All materials are available free of charge in the languages: English, Italian, French, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. The next sections of this report provide additional information  about the materials. In case you would like to use them as basis for your training activities or adapt them for other projects, please consult the project coordinator.

–          AIRVET curricula

–          AIRVET e-Learning lessons